Wooden Shutters

High-Quality Wooden Shutters

Interior wooden window shutters are hugely popular among homeowners because they add a touch of affordable class as well as functionality to almost every home.

Shutters are an attractive, and not overly expensive, way to enhance the look of your windows. These days, the expense of custom-made curtains or blinds compare very favourably to wooden shutters.

Shutters themselves have a clean, classic look to them and are quite appealing. In addition, once installed, shutters become a permanent and manageable feature of your home – one many home-buyers will find a bonus when the time comes for you to sell.

Shutters in all shapes & sizes

Full height shutters

For optimal privacy and style, our popular full height shutters cover the entire window. The shutters are hinged on the sides and work as two separate panels, both of which can be individually opened and closed.

Cafe style shutters

Most popular on ground-level windows, cafe style shutters cover only the bottom half of the window, providing privacy without sacrificing any light. This style of shutters is typically used on tall windows that span the majority of the wall’s length.

Tier on tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters offer full-length coverage fo the entire window, but the top and bottom halves move independently of each other. This means you can open the top tier whilst keeping the bottom closed for privacy, or you can open the bottom half to access the window.

Tracked shutters

Are you ever faced with the problem of dressing a patio door, or perhaps a large window where regular wooden shutters simply won’t do the job? Well, the elegant and practical solution is tracked shutters. A typical tracked shutter system uses full-height panels fitted to a made-for-purpose track instead of your window or doorway, with your tracked shutter opening and closing in a concertina-like manner.

Special shaped shutters

Special shaped shutters are exactly that – shutters designed to fit a special or unusual shaped space in your home. Made in the same way as our conventional wooden shutters, these shutters really do add a bespoke and one-off design style to your home.


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